First post here

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created: 22 Oct 2013 @ 22:49 modified: 06 Jul 2017 @ 19:37

So this is my first post in my new blog which I should be using for quite a bit longer than I Currently have been using my previous blogs on WordPress. I am using a base that was started by Mads Kristensen on GitHub called MiniBlog. I am trying where possible or requested pushing some changes back into the project so that others can also get extra functionality.

I am basically going to be building up this site as I go so at times it could look like a construction site but should always be fully functional and up and running.

For all my old post you can visit my old site which is, I will probably migrate some of those posts across but most of them will never be moved here.

Sit tight and look forward to reading many posts here.


Gordon Beeming works at Derivco in the sunny city of Durban, South Africa. When he's not hacking away at a keyboard in Visual Studio he'll generally be relaxing with his family or hitting the black top getting in some mileage. He is a Visual Studio ALM Ranger and Visual Studio ALM MVP.

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I plan on writing a bunch of online tools and sharing the code for how I made those tools. If you have any feedback you can ping me on Twitter (@GordonBeeming) or mail me [email protected].