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2018 (1)

Creating a new branch in @VSTS

This is a quick reference post that shows you how to create a branch in VSTS and TFS.StepsThe steps for this are quite simple. You will need toNavigate to the Code Hub Group, thenSelect the Repo you want to set the policy for, thenNavigate to the Bra


2015 (1)

Cleaning up the Taskbar on Windows 10

The number 1 thing voted for under Taskbar currently is to hide the new Search bar and task view buttons To show that Microsoft is listening below is how you can hide these. Hide Task View button To hide the Task View button simple right click o


2014 (1)

Cryptographic failure while signing assembly

Today I got a weird error on code that should just work. Cryptographic failure while signing assembly '<Debug Assembly Full Path>' -- 'Error signing assembly -- Unknown error (8013141c)'    <Solution Full Path>\CSC The reas