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created: 16 Jul 2014 @ 08:11 modified: 24 Apr 2017 @ 13:57

I was looking for a PowerShell script that would remove all media tags (post coming) from a folder of music that I have and along the way I came across a blog post called PowerShell - Automatically organizing your mp3-collection. Although this wasn't exactly what I was looking for right now I gave it a try and then thought to share it after I made a couple of changes to make it work on my machine Smile with tongue out and categorize a bit more . You can grab the script off GitHub Gist organise-music.ps1.

Basically the script will take any structure of music and organize it into the structure below


%root% / %Album Artist%

%root%/ %Album Artist% / %Album Year%

%root%/ %Album Artist% / %Album Year%/ %Album Name%

You also don't need to have all your files in a single folder for this to work, it will recursively find matching file extensions ("*.m4a", "*.m4b", "*.mp3", "*.mp4", "*.wma", "*.flc") and then work out where each file should be placed, creating directories where needed and cleaning up empty directories and extra files when finished Smile


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