Adding Application Insights to your Windows Store Application

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created: 11 Feb 2014 @ 17:16 modified: 24 Apr 2017 @ 13:57

If you haven't heard or read about Application Insights you should go to MSDN and read up on all the awesomeness that you can get by using this new feature of VSO. You can also take a look at the Channel 9 series on Application Insights for Visual Studio Online by Charles Sterling.

With a new Application

If you you have the Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio installed that Brian Harry mention in one of his latest blog posts and you are creating a new application, this is much similar for you. Click the Add Application Insights to Project drop down, that will make sure you are authenticated to VSO.


Once done you will be able to choose which VSO account you want to connect to and then you can select configure to choose the application name (if you haven't created an application in Application Insights yet just type the name and one will be created for you automatically).


At this point the application is opened in your default browser


and a solution is created like